• Milltown Blend Bretton Dragwire Buff Dragwire
  • Brodsworth Mixture Buff Rustic Civic Multi Crimson Dark Crofton Mix
  • Dalestock Mellow Felkirk Dragwire Hawk Street Blend
  • Heather Rustic Manorstock Antique Moorland Dragwire
  • Oldstock Antique Red Dragwire Ridings Gold Antique
  • Ridings Gold Antique Ridings Weathered Wolds Autumn Blend
  • Dalestock Mellow Hawk Street Blend Red Dragwire
  • Bretton Dragwire Brodsworth Mixture Brown Dragwire
  • Brown Rustic Multi Brown Sandfaced Buff Dragwire
  • Buff Rustic Civic Multi Clayburn Civic
  • Clayburn Civic Reverse Crigglestone Brown Crigglestone Ochre
  • Crigglestone Red Crofton Blend Flamborough Gold
  • Gold Sandfaced Heather Rustic Heather Sandfaced
  • Kirkby Rustic Mapplewell Light Moorland Rustic
  • Moorland Sandfaced Oldstock Antique Pinhole Burnden
  • Pinhole Crofton Buff Pinhole Red Pinhole Priory
  • Pink Sandfaced Priory Mixture Red Dragwire
  • Engineering Type Priory Mixture Red Sandfaced
  • Ridings Weathered Blend Ripley Rustic Smooth Brown
  • Weathered Red (Front) Wilerby Red Wolds Minster Blend
  • Burnden Weathered (Front) Crimson Dark Multi Eskdale Multi
  • Felkirk Dragwire Heather Dragwire Manorstock Antique
  • Milltown Blend Moorland Dragwire Ribbed Red
  • Wolds Autumn Blend Wolds Red Burnden Weathered (Front)

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CE Mark

Welcome to Carlton Brick, Yorkshire's premier brick manufacturer

By browsing this site you will be able to see the many varied brick types that we make, all of them produced at our plant near Barnsley in South Yorkshire. All the bricks are made from clay mined from our own quarry which is adjacent to the factory, resulting in fine, deep red, durable bricks.